Global Change & Globalisation

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Session: Analyzing climate change and its impacts via method combinations
Chairs: Jan Cermak & Jörg Bendix

Session: Bridging the gap? Scope and limitations of practice-oriented development studies
Chairs: Juliane Dame & Thomas Lennartz

Session: Central Asian ecosystems under water scarcity
Chairs: Bernd Cyffka & Ümüt Halik

Session: Challenges of climate change for urban infrastructures
Chairs: James Mc Phee & Helmut Lehn

Session: Climate change mitigation from global to local
Chairs: Rüdiger Glaser & Fabiana Barbi

Session: Critical junctures of globalization – Re-spacing globalized living conditions in contexts of rupture
Chairs: Sebastian Lentz & Ingo Breuer

Session: Current shifts in globalizing logistic networks, importance of distance and spatial implications
Chairs: Robert Scholz & Barbara Weig

Session: Digital Earth: an opportunity for spatial citizenship
Chairs: Karl Donert & Michaela Lindtner-Fally

Session: Ecosystem services: its epistemology and relation to geography
Chairs: Xavier Arnauld de Sartre & Noel Ovono Edzang

Session: Financialisation, marketisation and the environment: Towards ‘alternative’ economic geographies of finance?
Chairs: Hans-Martin Zademach & Jane Pollard

Session: Focal points of the past - Historic-geographical Dimensions of globalization
Chairs: Klaus Braun & Jacqueline Passon

Session: Geography, complexity, and information dynamics: addressing real-world challenges of the new millennium
Chairs: Cristian Suteanu & Beate Ratter

Session: geo@web. Geography production and its lifeworld consequences in the era of the web2.0
Chairs: Inga Gryl & Tobias Nehrdich

Session: Global change, criticality and tipping points: globalised trends, disasters and resilience
Chairs: Alexander Fekete & Jörn Birkmann

Session: Global complexity: From theoretical thought to geographical evidence
Chairs: Christina West & Heike Egner

Session: Globalization and the re-making of rural place
Chairs: Birte Nienaber & Michael Woods

Session: Is it possible to disentangle anthropogenic and climatological impacts on continental aquatic ecosystems?
Chairs: Mark Vetter & Arturo Sousa

Session: Knowledge, networks and innovation in China’s development
Chairs: Ingo Liefner & Susan Walcott

Session: Labour geography: Workers interventions in the global economy
Chairs: Martina Fuchs & Andrew Cumbers

Session: Management Geography – Embedding COPs in changing global urban networks
Chairs: Rolf D. Schlunze & Elmar Kulke

Session: Mapping the emergence of change: future European perspectives
Chairs: Daniela Schmeinck & Karl Donert

Session: Morphodynamic response to episodic disturbances of coastal systems
Chairs: Max Engel & Hervé Regnauld

Session: New power from the global south in processes of globalization
Chairs: Martin Franz & Sebastian Henn

Session: Post-development and postcolonial studies: Research on inequalities as a challenge for Geographical Development Studies (GDS)?
Chairs: Martina Neuburger & Tobias Schmitt

Session: Potential and limitation of proxy time-series and data products
Chairs: Cyrus Samimi & Ulf Büntgen

Session: Spatial network science and complex systems – Methods, data, and application
Chairs: Stefan Hennemann & Franz Huber

Session: The emergence of China’s regional economies in the global economy: a new perspective on upgrading and innovation in global-local networks
Chairs: Daniel Schiller & Javier Revilla Diez

Session: The global and the virtual: geographical imaginations of the digital place
Chairs: Henri Desbois & Guy Thuillier

Session: The land of indigenous traditional knowledge
Chairs: Paula Smith & Mirjam Hirch

Session: Towards health promoting water management
Chairs: Thomas Kistemann & Iain Lake

Session: Urban climate and air pollution in a changing climate
Chairs: Wilhelm Kuttler & Christoph Schneider

Session: Vector-borne diseases and climate warming
Chairs: Carl Beierkuhnlein & Markus Neteler